Monday, October 8, 2007

you must stop slapping people with fishes!

So I'm listening to the readings at Mass today, pondering the depth of the story of Jonah. Now, if I were a biblical scholar, I would talk about the significance of the 3 days in the whale. If I were a moral theologian I might reflect upon avoidance of GOd's call in my life. I could compare the old and new testaments. If I were a good congregant (that is a word, right?) I would be able to tell you what the priest had to say about it. But I am me, so instead my thought was "what does Whale stomach smell like? I wonder what those Ninevites thought of Jonah when he showed up stinking like rotten fish?" Ha, and people think my husband is the theologian of the family!

It's interesting how stuffed-full of good stuff the bible is. Some readings, like today, really bring that to light. There is of course the whole listening to God (or trying not to) in the story of Jonah . Moral of the story, "Life stinks when you don't listen to God". (i know, bad one) The Gospel had me thinking of 2 things - the story of the Good Samaritan and the answers to the kid's questions. Now, the parable takes up the majority of the focus in this reading. However, I was focusing on the early part. "Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." Does this strike anyone else as some heavy-duty committment? I would say that this one Command sums up the entire Christian life. For if we really, truly, loved the Lord like that, following Him in all aspects of our lives would easily fall into place. We would be the Good Samaritan. We would convert the Ninevites. It's that darn first part about loving Him so entirely, completely. Not just your mind, not just your heart, but with our WHOLE beings. whew. No wonder Jonah ended up swimming for a while. Thank God for patience and Mercy :)


Christine said...

Kate, I love this! I miss Lords Day and all the thoughts you have that never even cross my mind. Whale stomach, huh? Well I'm sure you could go to the Aquarium in Baltimore, and ask them what whale tummy smells like. But seriously I really enjoyed the reflection