Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Orchard Fun

What is more perfect on a beautiful crisp fall day than a trip to the orchard for fresh-pressed, unpasturized apple cider? Yes, unpasturized. The pasturization process does not make for good fermentation! check back in 6 months for outcome of project.

We drove a good ways for this oh-so-special cider, and it was well worth the trip. Pat's mom Connie is out for a visit (yay for Gram!) and we had a great time. Of course Bella just loved it, running around and getting the full appreciation of such an opportunity, right? ha! She hung out in the sling while we picked out some fresh produce and a fresh-baked raspberry pie (YUM) and taste-tested their apple cider. This last part was very important, as we will not be partaking the in purchased product for quite some time, and we had to have quality assurance!

Remember when we were kids and everything was interesting and fun? We could run around and be silly and play pretend and sing silly songs making up your own lyrics... life was just fun. I remember when I became suddenly more self-conscious and awkward. Well, having kids is great; it's an immediate ticket back to the world where everything is fun and it's ok to be silly! Hence the faces in the cut-out above!


Jill said...

How cute! I love the fall fun. I like that picture of her in the pumpkin suit, too. Darling.