Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Mass

Today is the feast of St. Faustina. Isabella and I went to morning Mass, something I'm striving to make routine for us. She did, in fact, scream the entire way there, until she was coughing and making herself more upset. Nothing like a good temper tantrum from the backseat to put you in a great prayerful state of mind for Mass, right? We get there in one piece, contrary to what she would have had me believe. So my daughter has quite a reputation, even at church. One of the ladies comes up to me beforehand and says "She's quite a 'live wire', isn't she. Do you think she'll actually be good for Mass today?" I reply "I doubt it" thinking to myself what a great opportunity for humility. oh joy. Well, Bella will not stand to be judged, apparently. She was a perfect saint all through Mass! One of the beautiful families there adopted a little boy from Africa not too long ago (their 10th child!) and he was playing in the back beside us. Bella was watching him and cooing - she was such a doll :)

Then we get back in the car and she begins screaming again. I'd hate to arrive home with that same sense of peace I received at Mass; I wouldn't know what to do with my day!