Monday, October 15, 2007

A Relative Weekend

This past weekend Patrick's Aunt and Uncle came to visit from SoCal, which was so nice! We had a lot of fun. Sunday we hit Mass at the Basilica which was beautiful of course, and then breakfast, which turned out to be a TERRIBLE experience - no more Ellis' for us! There was no one else there, and we're thinking that just over an hour is fine for some eggs, right? Wrong! 10 minutes to take our order. After 45 minutes we asked them about it and she said it was coming right up. A few minutes later we told her we had to leave and to please box it up for us - then it took her 8 minutes to box it up and swipe our card. augh! Unfortunately, this left Maggie and Jerry late for the tour. So Pat drove like a crazy man through DC and then dropped them off on a street corner. Ha! No, we met up with their scheduled tour, whose driver was kind enough to wait for us! how great is that! If anyone needs a recommendation on a good tour, go for "DC Party Tours" - they had a great time, all worked out well, as they got to spend 3 hours touring the major monuments with a guide who knew what she was talking about, and we spent 3 hours with the Brembergs! Much better for all parties involved. Just ask Isabella, who would not have gotten quite the full appreciation for the monuments yet. Maybe next year. Or maybe in 5 years. Or maybe...
Poor Isabella is still congested and gnawing on everything that comes within 5 inches of her mouth, but MUCH happier! She was so happy and smiley for this weekend. Today we spent some time with Aunt Angela, Sara, and Rachael. Bella loved watching Sara, and was happily babbling and cooing at her! It was So sweet! and of course Sara loves her 2 babies :)

This picture is just precious! Bella was sleeping on my bed and I grabbed the camera for a pic since she was just so peaceful! Well, when I zoomed in to get her face I caught her (what I like to believe) in mid-dream - she smiled while fast asleep. What a perfect image of God :)


Christine said...

Beautiful! So sweet to capture that moment.