Thursday, October 4, 2007

routine roadblocks

Ever wonder how long someone can go without taking a shower? I will not admit just how many days it has been since I washed my hair. For the past few days, every time I had stepped foot in the direction of getting clean, some major roadblock had come up. Well, really, the roadblock is only about 12 lbs and awfully cute. For example, this morning, we had… well, a 4 diaper morning. Which means that now, although she is happily playing in her fish seat, I have to wait until laundry is done! Can you imagine if we changed outfits 4 times in one morning? And of course, it’s a morning that I was up and motivated to get to Mass!
Speaking of which, Happy Feast of St. Francis to all the Franciscans out there! Francis is my confirmation saint, chosen back in 9th grade for his example of patience and humility. Sometimes I think about how ironic is it, that those are the 2 things with which I continue to struggle, and had no idea of such when I chose him! My meditations of the day will be his “Peace Prayer” (I know, probably not written by him, but it’s a very Franciscan reflection) and his prayer “I must decrease, He must increase”.
By the way, I did get a shower this morning. God Bless the inventor of the baby swing!