Friday, October 12, 2007

queen of denial

My poor little Isabella is congested, having trouble sleeping, and playing with her tongue along her gums. Now, this could be either of 2 things, neither of which makes me all that happy. 1) She could have a cold. However, since I am breastfeeding exclusively, she is supposed to be getting antibodies from me that help protect her, and I am incapable of using the (using a better term, here) bulb syringe, so she needs to be able to blow her nose before she gets sick. So I remain disbelieving that she has a cold. (cough cough) 2) she could be teething. SHE IN ONLY 3 MONTHS OLD! SHe is not allowed to get teeth until she can having something to chew with them, or I can rub whiskey on them to make her feel better. SO I remain disbelieving that she is teething. Unfortunately, this only serves to leave me in a state of disbelief while my daughter is still not feeling good. ugh! In the meantime, we're both sleep deprived and wishing she would eat more. Any suggestions out there?


Christine said...

Have you tried Dr. Sear's salt water decongestant? You make it yourself with a little salt and warm water and squirt it up their noses...well, I'll call with more tips. This worked pretty well for Gregory when we were in KS, but they don't like it very much

Maria said...

Yucky, Kate. Poor both of you - and Pat, too. I'm feeling your pain - Lucy's been a snot machine all week and sleeping poorly as well.

I second saline solution. It works well at helping clear things out for awhile without using the bulb syringe - at least long enough for Bella to get a good meal or fall asleep.

Also, I found the Vicks patches to put on the babies chests/sleepers to work pretty well, too. I would just slap one on the outside of Paul's sleeper at nighttime, and it stayed put all night. It definitely seemed to help with the congestion. Of course, it made the whole room stink of Vicks, but you can't have everything.

Also, the shower tablets work GREAT for short term relief.

I hope Bella recovers soon.

BTW: Paul had two teeth at 3 months. It happens.

Christine said...

It sounds like all of our little ones have the same cold. I wonder where it came from. Gregory finally slept better last night but got up early - oh well

Alexis said...

My doc told me that breastfeeding shows little benefit to babies in the getting cold type of sickness - it helps with bigger diseases and stuff. That's what he said anyway and it rings true from the amount of snot flowing in our house this fall.