Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well look who finally showed up!  The Latest Model seems to have inherited Mama's sense of timing, since he arrived a week LATE!  But arrive he did, which ultimately is the important part. 

And our lives are better now. More complete. A hole that we didn't even know existed has been filled with joy and wonderment. He is perfect.

         He is Andrew Gabriel.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

38 Weeks

38 Weeks means that in a very short time we will meet the Latest Model. In just approximately 2 weeks we will hold, snuggle, sniff, and cuddle a precious newborn.

38 weeks ALSO means:

~ Anything that falls below waist-level ceases to exist. It is off my radar. Please watch your toes walking across my floor; I have no idea what's there until I step on it. Unfortunately for them, my kids are short and also fall into this category. *oops I knocked them over again!*

~ I have reached an unprecedented level of insanity. I broke down and cried when Patrick announced he needed to mow the lawn. I may or may not have flipped out trying to defend my sanity about wanting the house to be at least slightly ordered. *ironic*

~ I. Want. Wine. ...and a rum and coke. ...and a big-a$$ margarita. Not all at once.

~ My girls are running around in ballerina dresses and winter boots, and it doesn't even phase me, even in public.

~ I am starting to get nervous about the fact we haven't picked out names. We have our list of preferences, but have not settled on a good first/middle combination. It is starting to keep me up at night, even though this dilemma NEVER has before.

~I have trouble completing sentences or thoughts. Hence the no-blogging.

~ This lent has been rather quite fruitful, despite myself. I chose the "since I'm not giving up any sort of food while pregnant then I guess I'll just commit to more prayer time and let God hand me sacrifices throughout the day." Warning: it can be very dangerous to give God permission to work so openly. My will has experienced a good overhaul, my prayer-life is refocused, and I have had LOTS of redemptive suffering opportunities. I should write more about this, because it has been really a beautiful time of detachment. (I probably won't, though - see above.)

~ Gram arrives NEXT WEEK!!! The girls are over-the-moon excited! This Mama is over-the-moon excited, too. We LOVE her visits. In fact, every time they talk about Baby it is tied closely to Gram's arrival. I'm not sure about which they're more excited.

~ I have been confirmed in my previous statement that my personal super-power is gestating for 40 weeks. Went to the doc yesterday and everything looks great, but there is no early labor in my sight. I am blessed that my body has the right baking-time for growing kids, but it is this point where I wonder wwhhhhyyyyyyy??????? can't I be done????

~ On the other hand, I have a to-do list for BEFORE baby. This never works out in my favor, but I make them and cry over them anyways. Pray for my husband!

~ Finally, 38 weeks also means that I sure could use some prayers. We are SO happy and excited, and every mom knows there are nerves and emotions that are WAY out of control at this point. I pray for peace of mind and heart, to make a little extra room for a newborn, and to get maybe just a little bit extra sleep.