Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Me, to Patrick: There's a beer in the fridge for dinner"
Bella: "I like a beer, please."

While cleaning the kitchen I paused,
Me: "What should we do next?"
Bella: "Pick up my Bella!"

Bella asked to get in the playpen with Anastasia, and a moment later I heard this unhappy grunt from Anastasia. I turned to find that she was on her tummy pushing up with both hands and one leg drawn under her, and Bella straddling her back. "Bella! Get off your sister, what are you doing?"
Bella, with big round innocent eyes, "I just getting a horsey ride!"

Putting her down for a nap, for which she asked, she started to lay down and then popped immediately back up and exclaimed "oops! I forget da milk!"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Neglected Little Blog

A "Quick Takes" sort of post just to catch you up on the goings-on around here. I am never going to hold anyone's attention if I maintain 2 weeks between posts.

Father's Day was SO much fun! After a lazy breakfast at home, Daddy's choice, we went to the National Zoo in D.C.! (also Daddy's brilliant idea!) Bella loved it, which we knew she would, which is why Patrick chose it. She was thrilled to see all the different animals, especially her zebras, elephants, tigers, and iguanas. Who would have guessed she'd love the reptile house so much? It was not beastly hot, so the animals were all pretty active which is a perfect time to watch them all. Well, except for the lions of course because they lie around all day except for eating and mating. We didn't stick around to watch either of those activities.
Later in the week Bella was pushing babydoll around in the stroller telling her she was going to the zoo and she had to sit in the stroller so she could go really fast. Hhhmmm, she may have heard that line during our own excursion.

Jen @ Conversion Diary linked to a guest post she wrote about building reader traffic to your blog. The suggestions were wonderful and helpful, and I plan to go back there sometime and read the other insights from an actual writer/editor. Of course, not mentioned was the obvious "write more than once a month, and keep it interesting not just stories about your kids." HA! Stories about MY kids ARE interesting, thank you very much. Or maybe that's just all I can muster these days.

At 16lbs 4oz with thunder thighs, Anastasia is the picture of a perfectly kissable baby. She sits up well on her own, or at least until Bella comes around to make her laugh so hard she falls over. I consider this to be one of the perfect stages (of course, I say that about each one so far.) She sits up, reaches for toys, and remains upright happily chewing on whatever she managed to grasp. If we could just get her to stop screaming in the car then I would know for sure she was the most perfect baby ever. I mean, of course she is! It's just that if I roll down my windows people would think there's a fire truck around. Bella tries to sing to her, and gets louder as Anastasia gets louder. When I arrive somewhere looking a little disheveled now you know why.


Yes, I made these. And yes, Bella recognized who they are. We really enjoyed having friends over to my parents' pool, and had cupcakes for Bella's birthday; she was so happy. If you ask her how old she is, answers "I'll be 2" while trying desperately to hold up just 2 fingers. The fine control eludes her thus far, but she keeps trying! I'll be 2 "after my birfday!"

The girls both LOVE the swimming pool! Bella asks almost every day "please we go Mimi's house, I go swimming?" Anastasia kicks her feet and babbles the entire time we're in the water, and Bella loves everything about playing games, squirting water, splashing, jumping in, kicking her feet, everything!

Summer here also brings lightening bugs/fireflies.
Due largely in part to delay tactics she spent a while the other night outside watching them, repeatedly exclaiming "wow! d'you see that Mommy?" They are a fun part of my childhood summer memories and it is fun sharing that time with my daughter, recapturing the childhood wonderment at the little joys of God's creation.

Ok, now I've at least caught up a few highlights of summer thus far. Hopefully I'll regain some creative energy and time management simultaneously sometime soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

California Dreamin' so far

What can I say? We've had an amazing time in California so far! The plane ride went better than I dared hope, with plenty of room for Isabella to stretch out and sleep for 3 of the 5 hours! Being greeted by her beloveds Gram and Papa-Joe was the most exciting thing the little sweetie could have imagined... even if it was in the middle of the night?

We have played with cousins, snuggled Aunts and Uncles, been to the zoo (ask her about the Elephant!) seen horses at the park, charmed relatives with her singing and smiles. She has truly been a gracious, if not rambunctious guest. Her sweet playful little voice gives way in an instant to a loud, demanding “GRAM! Come play with Bella!” Gram is more than happy to acquiesce to her request, and she loves walking through the garden with her Papa-Joe.

Anastasia is being absolutely true to fashion with her award-winning smiles, delighted playful coos, and ear-piercing screams in the car. She is delighted to have so many pairs of hands willing to hold her, and is just lapping up the attention. (like we ignore her at home or something)

We have much more planned for the rest of the week, so I suggest you check in with my photo album for pictures that tell the stories much better than my words ever could.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Proper Feeding of Infants

First, mix cereal according to directions on the box. I like to run the hot water until it's rather warm and it cools naturally while I stir, until it forms a runny, beige mush. MmMMmmm, anyone hungry? I find the type of spoon to be immaterial, but little spoons do fit in little mouths a little better. Scoop up a small amount on the tip of the spoon and bring it to your own lips to test for appropriate temperature. Be certain to have something to wash that taste away quick! Smile big at your baby saying “oh so yummy!” with as much enthusiasm as you can muster with lukewarm mush stuck on your lips.

Scoop up a large spoonful and smear it on your pants. Next put a little on Baby's chin, then shake the spoon vigorously until you have sufficient splatter across your shirt and at least a few specks in your hair. Smear a sufficient amount on baby's cheeks and nose. Drop one large spoonful on the floor, and then leave the bowl on the very edge of the highchair so that as you lean down to wipe up the little drop Baby can reach said bowl and tip the entire contents onto the floor. Take a moment to notice that you and Baby need a bath, half the kitchen needs to be cleaned, and the bib is spotless.

Well, what she lacks in proficiency she makes up for in enthusiasm!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love the Chub

You know you have a chubby baby when:

- You clean lint out of a roll in the middle of her leg

- You give her a bath and realize afterward that you missed one entire chin.

- You never get tired of nibbling her cheeks, kissing her neck and giving her raspberries just to hear that wonderful sound.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little Chrism

Welcome, Anastasia - Precious Child of God, with the sweetest smelling juniper head!

Way to party, Anastasia!

Pictures courtesy of the talent of my brother, Eric.

Bella does not like to be completely outshone by her little sister. A special play day with cousins and friends, for her!