Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seeing Double

It is my great privilege to introduce (or at least post about) the Roberts Twins! We went to Pittsburgh this weekend for another wedding (God Bless the newlyweds Michelle and Andy) and a weekend of fun! First, allow me to point out that a *simple* roadtrip is anything but simple with my darling infant, who seems to think the best way to stay occupied in the car is scream. Oh Joy. However, I did notice great progress from the last time we made this journey a month ago! She really did quite well all weekend, with me sitting in the backseat with her for a good part of the trip. hhmm, and my chiropractor asks me why my back is out of line... I think maybe the key is not to let her nap in a quiet place and to surround her with lots of people and loud events. She was full of smiles all weekend and was happy to be passed around and meet her "cousins" and new admirers! ;-) Michael was rather smitten with her! kinda... we'll work on it.
Nicholas and Michael are absolutely adorable, toddling around together looking for trouble, and Robin calmly follows after them, scooping up the one who just got knocked over or feeding cheerios to the other. Once when John opened the door to their hotel room there were both Michael and Nicholas looking up at me covered head-to-toe in toilet paper and looking happy as could be! I mean really, who can find interesting activities in a boring old hotel room better than toddler boys!
I have been thinking about Robin as a WonderWomanMom with her hands full. I, with my daily routine with one little infant, think I have no time for anything and that the days just fly by and nothing gets accomplished. *note: we are fed, dressed, and alive by the end of the day=success, less than 3 hours of screaming+a few smiles=great day!" Then I see Robin whose little ones are constantly on the move. I believe that mothers who God gifts with twins He should also gift with the ability to bi locate, so that when they take off down the hotel hallway in 2 directions you do not have to guess which one will make it to the stairs first. I will say she does so with true expertise, though!
Now, John as Dad - hehehe... the camera could not capture the true essence of this picture - John in on the phone with Nicholas on his shoulders, mussing John's hair, while Michael is on the ground pulling at the socks on John's feet. He does this so naturally without a second thought, it made me laugh. I guess as long as they're trying to get your attention you at least know where they are and what they're doing!
Apologies for the lack of pictures: This is what happens when you only remember to take pics once in a whole weekend. Carpe Momentum!
It was so great to spend time with such great friends and to finally get to meet these beautiful boys! Robin says "everyone should have twins" and that she was praying that we would, too. Lord, DON'T trust me that much!


Maria said...

So jealous! I want a turn to meet the Roberts twins!

Christine said...

Me too, Me too - ditto on Maria!