Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quotable Quotes

Bella: "Gram will be here in 2 weeks, and she is going to bring our newborn Baby with her." (ah, if only it were that easy! Can I sign up for that kind of L&D?)

"I'll be three in a minute." (whew, yeah they grow fast but really...)

"I woke up too early this morning, but then I had a nice rest. I laid upon my bed and singed songs about it until I woke up and feel well-rested now."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

" Goofy Face "

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't Make Me Come Over There

Him: (with a teasing grin) "Aren't you going to do anything?"

Me: "Watch it, Mister."

Him: "Yeah, I'd be more careful about saying things like that if I thought you'd actually get up and move."

Me: "Be careful, or when I do finally stand up I'm going to come sit on you. Then you'll be sorry!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Anastasia, 17 months

Beautiful Anastasia, your tiny little 21-pound-17-month-old self is pure Delight. Your easy, happy grin reveals the little gap in your teeth and is often accompanied by the cutest nose-wrinkle ever. That smile appears for any number of reasons, from seeing your big sister, to greeting me after your nap. Yours is truly a smile that lights up a room!

Your serious face comes out when you know you are scolded, even ever-so-gently. A look of remorse with downcast eyes and a pouty lip emerges after your temper takes over and Mama intervenes before someone gets hurt! As you are SO dramatic, big crocodile tears occasionally appear rolling down your cheeks if the offense was serious enough to get Mama's stern face.

Always on the lookout, you have no problem finding your share of mischief. Especially if mischief is located high up! Though you've had your share of tumbles you are never deterred from always reaching new heights. Mama is very thankful that you are so short for your age, as at least that can keep you limited! You want to touch everything, hold everything, and to experiment with the bounce potential of just about whatever you've take possession. The biggest problem with your mischief, my Little Love, is that all-too-appealing smile that debuts on your face the moment you are spotted, challenging Mama so much to stay focused on the issue at hand, instead of gobbling up those cheeks.

You seem to believe that anything that does not cooperate with you can be dealt with by pure force. A cap that won't come off? Pull harder. A door that won't open? Bang repeatedly and yell loudly, ordering it to obey your command. A sister that isn't doing what you want? Well, you're learning about that, too. Speaking of which, you are getting very good at reprimanding yourself. You run to the step and fold your arms dutifully, waiting for the go ahead to go say sorry. Your apologies are one of the cutest things ever to witness, as you lean your head against the object of your temper and throw your arms as wide as you can reach. You are quick to play nicely, as you'd much rather be enjoying people's company than stranded by yourself.

If mimicking is indeed the greatest form of flattery, everyone in the family should be honored. You rock your babies like Big Sister, you vacuum the floor like Mama, and you took interest in the play lawnmower only after you saw how Daddy uses his. That being said, I would never misname you as a little shadow - you wouldn't allow the limelight stolen for that long. Any chance you get you'll make sure someone is watching you play ring-around-the-rosy or make animal sounds.

As I drink up these last few weeks of you being The Baby, I cherish all your little antics. You are growing up fast as if to show me you are ready to be a Big Sister, too. However, your sweet snuggles when you first wake up, your pleas for a few moments in the rocking chair, the way you will RUN to sit on an unoccupied lap all allow me to breathe in your baby-ness. You are still little, my Little Love, and no matter how busy or distracted Mama might seem these days, I am enjoying every second with you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We did it! The Best Friends are Roommates now! The girls are now successfully sharing a room, faster and easier than I could have imagined. Actually, the suddenness of the move was due to the pure desperation of sickness a few nights ago. After Patrick was up with Anastasia coughing every 15 minutes for almost 2 hours he decided she needed the humidity just as much as Bella. Besides, it couldn't get any worse. We only have one humidifier so he cleared out the extra crib (still assembled in Bella's room) and moved her. They did fantastic. Bella woke up upset once which disturbed Anastasia but only momentarily, and I don't think any of Anastasia's whimpers bothered Bella one bit.

Night number 2 went pretty much the same, but with more coughing, sadly. Neither of the girls slept well, but it was independent of one another. Neither Patrick nor I slept well either, of course. Sometimes it might be easier if their wakings overlap. If they have to wake up, that is.

Last night, number 3, was the best night's sleep any of us have gotten in almost a week! Bella was undisturbed by either of Anastasia's brief wakings, and we all woke much more rested today. I refuse to darken my optimism with the realization we will likely still have our share of trials; instead, I am choosing to focus my attention on the huge victory of overcoming the initial hurdle. We have many years of adjusting to life's stages, I'll just take this one right now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Takes


Anastasia has started mimicking more sounds, experimenting with her own little language more and more. SO very cute, and she's very expressive. Her latest word? "Bella!"


I hope our pediatrician at least has the decency to name his boat after my girls. Heaven knows we're doing our part to contribute to his success. We were there again this week, this time for another ear recheck for Anastasia, who easily got a clean bill of health. Bella, on the other hand, spent the time cuddled up on my lap with a fever. She earned herself a strep test while we were there, especially after she said "Mama, I have a headache." After the appointment, when she usually begs to go to either the park or to Mimi's house, she asked pitifully "Mama, can we go home so I can take a rest?" It's been a long few nights with that one.


If there is a bright side to having a sick toddler, it is the rare fleeting opportunity to slow down and snuggle. 2:30 AM might not be my first choice of timing, but it is a beautiful opportunity nonetheless. Bella has wanted to be held - not just lean against my side, but cradled "like a baby" as she says. Other than getting continuously kicked by little Boniface who is not as interested in sharing his/her space, Bella and I both love these quiet, close moments.


I am 35 weeks. By date, I have about one month left until we get to meet the Little One! The roller coaster of emotions is out of control. The excitement and anticipation is mounting!


Bella's latest phrases that are cracking me up:
"In the meantime..."
"Can you imagine that?"
"I was just thinking about..."

All used in proper context.


Major Project (read: STRESSOR) Moving the girls into the same room. Here's the thing: I'm not nervous about the actual sleeping situation. That will be an adjustment that we can't control and we will have to face regardless. It doesn't really matter, it's just the next step. Also, I think they will do well even if it takes a little getting used to. The cause of the stress is the practicalities of moving the furniture, arranging, organizing, and setting up the smaller bed room as a decent guest room. If we had an unlimited budget I could be done tomorrow because I have grand visions. However, the task of emptying junk from one room and making it the girls' bedroom is daunting. Isn't that ridiculous?


My mom came and helped me organize for 2 whirlwind days last week. My main floor still looks like a tornado went off and I have to cautiously maneuver around my bedroom, but I could have a party in my storeroom! There is something wrong here, but I daren't complain. At least there is one area of the house under control!


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