Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Little Pumpkin

'Tis that time of the year again, with the crispness in the air, the beauty in the leaves, and we make spectacles out of our children. Yes, we take these precious, innocent little babes and stuff them into ridiculous outfits and pose them for ridiculous pictures. And they're so adorable!

We took some adorable pics with the cousins Sara and Rachael - of course, Mama is not-so-smart... I stuffed Bella into this Pumpkin Suit, oh so cute. Note that in the next picture the outfit looks different - I put it on backwards! duh. She wasn't too thrilled about being stuffed into it the first time, as it's a warm evening and this is a warm suit. So just in case I didn't press my luck enough the first time, we took it off and tried again. The right way this time!

They were so funny! Of course Bella and Rachael didn't care all that much, but Sara was sweet. She was especially interested in the hats the babies wore, so she got herself a set of bat-dielyboppers. I was NOT supposed to be in the picture; we just needed someone other than the 2 year-old to hold the babies!

After we stripped them of their adorable outfits we let them stretch on the floor for a little while. They are really cute, if I may say so myself :) When I look at 3-week-old Rachael I realize just how much Bella has grown!

After a few minutes they had had enough - I'm not sure who started it, but they are very compassionate girls, and when one starts crying... well, you see. Now when they erupt, what do their loving, caring, concerned mothers do? Laugh and take pictures, of course! They suddenly burst into tears and Angela and I crack up and grab our cameras; the timing was just too funny! Don't jump to call child services, after our quick photo-op we scooped them up, at which point they calmed immediately!


Alexis said...

hey! Welcome to the bloggy world, Kate - I'm so glad I can keep up with my little God daughter! I just happened upon you today - I didn't even know you had taken the plunge. OK, now I have to actually read a post or two ;).

Alexis said...

OK, too cute! She is getting big - I thought she was the little one.