Wednesday, October 3, 2007

singing with a toddler

So the other day I’m sitting in my brother’s living-room with my sister-in-law Angela, singing “the ghosts go flying” (think ants go marching Halloween style). As we sang “and they all go flying down… to the town… for some fun... halloween.. oo-oo-ooo…. We started cracking up and Angela says “gee, and we have college degrees!” Yes, not that long ago I was a busy professional. I worked 12 hour shifts with a long commute. I spent free time keeping up with current events, news, and some politics. I was reading multiple books concurrently, working on house projects, and going out to dinner fairly often. It’s amazing how things change!
I no longer have patients with complicated needs, juggling many tasks in a hectic shift. I have only the needs of an infant with which to concern myself. I haven’t looked at a newspaper or online news in months. (I just read blogs! lol) Although I found those things important, and as far as news still do, my life revolves around simplicity now. The needs of a child are simple. Meeting them is not always simple, but their desires are instinct and their responses are pure love.
I like the simple life. My whole day is a reflection of God’s amazing grace and His beautiful creation. No no, please don’t think I spend my day reflecting on spiritual matters. What I mean is that at the end of the day, if I take a few minutes to think about my day, I see how a simple life is such a gift. I don’t need professional recognition; what I need is more toddler songs.


Christine said...

Kate, this is so beautiful and such a good reminder for all of us moms.