Friday, October 5, 2007

Introducing Rachael

By Popular (Christine's )demand I am posting pictures of My new niece, Rachael Ann. She's so adorable! Bella is so lucky to have a big AND little cousin right across the street! This morning we went for our usual walk around the neighborhood. Let me tell you, for a simple walk, there's nothing simple about our little entourage! Angela pushes the double stroller with Sara the toddler and Rachael the newborn, unless Rachael is with Angela in the sling. Bella is usually in the sling with me. Sometimes we have Pat with us, in which case we have Bella in the stroller, with the sling as back-up. When Angela's mom was with us, we also had the dog. WHEW! for a walk!
But I love walking with toddlers. They notice the things you don't, and take joy in every little detail. Leave it to Sara sign everything she sees, leaving us looking around for it, certain that she saw whatever it was she's trying to tell us! Whether it's a basketball hoop, a bicycle, a motorcycle, a butterfly - she points out all kinds of little details we adults often don't notice. We have a great time circling the neighborhood every day for some fresh air and, dare I say it, exercise.