Sunday, October 7, 2007

Laughter, the best medicine

A Baby's laughter rivals the praise of the angels in heaven, I have no doubt. Bella laughed today! I had thought she did once the other day, but today it was definately for real! After Mass the 3 of us were hanging out at home and she was in a good mood as she finished nursing. I mimicked her snort which she found very funny, and her happy little coo suddenly erupted into a full-out LAUGH! I LOVE IT! So of course Pat and I proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes making her laugh since we enjoyed it so much. I was laughing, which made her even happier :)

Yesterday we were at the Bremberg's, visiting with the Brooks', too. So many cute kids! I was sitting on the floor with Bella in my lap facing outward which is one of her new favorite positions. Little Lucy came scooting over to us, which amused Bella to have another baby eye to eye with her! The 2 little girls were pretty fascinated, Lucy more so of course :)
The smiles and coos make life that much better. I know for sure that I heard th most beautiful sound in the world today!