Monday, October 26, 2009

Dave Barry Describes My Life

" The biggest problem with children's songs is that many of them call for actions on the part of the listeners. My Daughter, who is very strict, expects everybody to perform these actions. So if we're listening to "I'm a Little Teapot" and she notices I'm using my arms for some frivolous activity such as steering the car, she will repeat "Daddy do it! Daddy do it!" until I let go of the wheel and form my teapot handle and my teapot spout. I have discovered that I can, in fact, steer with my forehead, but visibility is a problem. "

Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick Takes

We LOVED Gram's visit! As if they don't always seem too short, this time we all managed to get sick while she was here, too. However, despite our little bout with head colds we did venture to the zoo (a Bella favorite), the park, a yummy German dinner, a walk along the Potomac River in Point of Rocks, VA., baked muffins, daily Mass, Adoration once, and introduced painting with paintbrushes. A very good time was had by all, and we all miss her greatly. This is the first time that her leaving has caused such trauma, and Bella cried when Gram walked away into the airport. We're better now, but Bella does constantly dream and talk about when she will see Gram again.


Anastasia used Gram's visit to show off. She started walking behind a walker, and pushing Bella around on a riding toy. There's no going back now; she has given up any activity that limits mobility and is intent on trying everything now.


My favorite Bella story of late: Bella sings all the time, and all different kinds of songs. Her latest favorite is "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair" from South Pacific. She really gets into it, with great inflection and even ending the song in a crescendo. We sing that while I wash her hair, and then when I started listening to Broadway music again it came on and she stopped dead in her tracks and started singing along! TOO cute, and now she bursts into it whenever the mood strikes her right. OR when it comes on the radio. Or when prompted to perform for Mimi's friends because it's just too cute not to share.


Word of advice - one should be careful when praying for increase in virtue. Welcome Home, Humility. For a few weeks I was doing pretty well around the house and with the girls, settling into a rhythm and routine. Please don't confuse that with the house being clean or my kids behaving perfectly, but I was just doing my best. Wouldn't you know that went down the tubes right before my mother-in-law arrived, and on a day when my uncle and his family came for a visit for the first time ever. Then of course there's the kids' behavior at Mass - I start to think to myself "yeah, we can do this. Bella is just so good in Mass, I must be doing something right." And then we have so many bad days in a row that I think the only one smiling is Jesus. *sigh* Yes, that's me sneaking out the back with my head down.


I LOVE warm fall days; they are as close to perfection we have around here. There is nothing like taking the kids outside on a day that's cool enough to run and jump and play and bring out the rosy in their sweet little cheeks. Today was the girls' first experience with leaves this year (it didn't leave much of an impression with Bella last year) and they loved it! We raked a pile for jumping, and Bella and her cousins ran and jumped and buried themselves and did everything kids should do in the perfection of crunchy leaves on a warm day. Of course my camera was left behind, sorry.


We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week!!! You know, a LOT can change in 4 years. Nothing will bring this home as fast as watching your kids play. Happy Anniversary to my beloved Patrick - here's to 60 more!This is an oil painting by Patrick's mom.


I recently revisited the National Toy Hall of Fame website and enjoyed. We are following that great example in our living room right now - you would have to maneuver around a large cardboard box/ tunnel, but OH the hours of amusement!!! Thanks to Maria AND Jen for reminding us that Christmas is only 9 weeks away!


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's Watching the Baby?

It's an important question. Let's suppose, for a moment, that it was her cousin's 2nd birthday, and we were celebrating with an ice-cream cake outside. And let's say I was holding the newborn baby nephew, and there are 2 toddlers and 1 preschooler running around like wild banshees. And the quiet, happy, easy Baby is sitting in the grass.

What happens?

Oh, yes.

My MY that was good!