Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Very Fairy Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to My Beautiful Bella!

Her choice of party theme perfectly reflects her current obsession with all things girly, fanciful, and fairy!

Our party project was making fairy wands, complete with sparkle stickers, glitter glue, and ribbons. What's not to love?

Fairy Wings and Star Wands magically transformed these precious little girls into happily dancing fairies!

And the Pièce de résistance was certainly the cake!

That is one happy Birthday Fairy Girl!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Letter to a Year

Dear Age Three,

First, I would like to start by saying I have never wished any stage of childhood away. I have enjoyed each stage of growth and development for each unique joys and gifts they bring to my life.

Remember when She was colicky? Oh, that was a rough time; I may have had to remind myself daily that it would pass. However, in that time her darling Daddy picked up the task of walking with her nightly up and down the street praying a Rosary until she finally fell asleep. And so it went with each new development, each new challenge. There were learning curves and new challenges, and each one brought on moments of Grace and bigger pictures of gleaming Joy!

But Age Three, you were different. You were able to sneak in under my radar thanks to life circumstances; stealthily and subtly you took up residence in my Sweet, Independent, Silly 2-year-old. Suddenly this unsuspecting Mama was confronted with your presence, as Sweet caved to Sassy, Independent gave way to Attitude, and Silly surrendered to Cranky.

Perhaps the worst part of the invasion was that She did not like it any more than I did. I'm certain of that. She cuddled in my lap, her beautiful innocent eyes filled with confusion as she told me "Mama, I feel so out of control." The break in the screaming was just long enough to realize that of all the people tired of your ridiculous behavior Age Three, she was the prime sufferer.

Age Three, you will not be missed. As the weather turned warmer I saw your iron-clad grasp start to give way; your control was waning, indeed. Certainly I knew you were there, but an older Girl was emerging, and was beginning ever so slowly to shine some sunshine through the dark cloud that is you. You have left your mark, Age Three, but you are no longer dominant.

Dear Age Three, Good Bye!

... well, at least for a few months...