Friday, February 29, 2008

New Patron Saint

My baby woke up early this morning. Very Early. Many people know I am not a natural morning person, so when my dear husband kissed me good-bye this morning I had plans of rolling right back over. mmmmm, pillow... Isabella heard us talking, unfortunately, and decided that it must be time to play. "No my dear, this was not a 3-person conversation, please go back to sleep. Please?" I heard myself whispering to myself. In case Myself was awake enough to listen, because I certainly wasn't. It was 6am, after all.

"BBAAAAAAAAAA" You know how babies can talk well before they can actually talk? I distinctly heard "COME AND GET ME MAMA!" ... "NOW!" *sigh* Well, at least she sounds happy.

And happy she was! She grinned from ear to ear as I changed her diaper and kissed her belly. She babbled and cooed as I scooped her up and stumbled my way downstairs. She squealed with delight at her play table while I fired up the coffee pot. Who can be disappointed at this? Even if I did have to turn the light on because it was still too dark to play! She was playing so sweetly, crawling around, climbing to the sofa to grab at my phone, and giggling as she lunged for my glasses. Oh I love my Baby, even when it's barely light outside.
The real positive of the insane wake-up hour is that I was showered, fed, and caffinated in time to get to Mass. I have not been too motivated for that lately with her bad sleeping habits. This morning, however, it was pretty easy!

Some pray for roses from St. Therese of Liseux; I want a St. Caffeine of Java who fills my coffee pot.


Patty Arnold said...

Amen to St. Caffeine! My shot of caffeine comes in the middle of the day because I am a morning person but feel like I need a little help from my little 4-cup coffee pot and Cinnamon Vanilla Nut roast to get through the afternoon!