Monday, March 3, 2008

Uncomfortable Lent

That phrase should be redundant, but unfortunately it isn't often. I am really good at finding a physical sacrifice every year, but about halfway through Lent I discover that my spiritual growth has been lacking. This Lent, however, I have an awesome meditation that fits right into that "uncomfortable" description. Thanks to my mother-in-law, an incredible and spiritual woman, I have maybe the most uncomfortable reflection ever. So in case anyone else is too comfortable or complacent this Lent, I thought I'd share.

Mother Teresa (you know it's going to be awesome when it's from her!) to her Sisters:

"God needs our poverty, not our abundance. The means of being HUMBLE:

-speak as little as possible about oneself

- take care of one's personal matters

- avoid curiosity

- do not meddle in the afairs of others

- accept contradiction with good humor

- do not focus on the faults of others

- accept reproach, even if undeserved

- yield to the will of others

- accept insults and abuse

- accept feeling uncared for, forgotten, despised

- be courteous and sensitive, even if someone provokes you

- do not try to be admired and loved

- do not hide behind one's own dignity

- yield in arguments, even if one is right

- always choose what is most difficult "

"The joy of the poor -

Strive to be the demonstration of God in the midst of your community. We have to radiate the joy of being poor, with no need for words. We must be happy in our poverty."

So if that sounded pretty simple, then you're not thinking about it enough. Anyone else just a little more uncomfortable in their Lent now? Everyone can use a little more spiritual emptying to truly prepare their heart for the Joy of the Resurrection!