Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Sum-Up

I love weekends. I have mentioned this before, and I'm sure I will have cause to mention it again in the future. I really like weekends. Obviously in my school days I loved weekends because I did not have classes. What better reason was needed? In the professional world I guarded my weekends, as I was required to work every 3rd, which I hated; so I fiercely guarded my coveted weekends off, making sure that I made the most of them with friends and family and sleep.
As a mom weekends continue to stand out, as my darling husband is home and I have a glimmer of hope that I will get something accomplished AND get to spend much needed quality time with him. You know, that man who needs to know that he is and will always be the solid Number 2 in my life?! Which reminds me of the need to spend more time with the Man who's the solid Number 1... but that's for another post. Anyways, I digress. of course.

Friday evening Patrick got a much-deserved night out with friends/coworkers at a happy hour. To his credit, he did invite Isabella and I; to my credit, we declined in favor of just letting him hang out without the possibility of Fussy Baby Hot Potato. However, this did mean that by the time he came home I really missed him. In fact, I missed him so much I waited a whole 15 minutes before falling asleep in the middle of him talking. What greater love...

Saturday my Dearest took the Little Dearest to Mass to let Mama sleep. Oh! The excitement! In fact, I was so excited about being able to sleep that I fixed coffee, clipped coupons, and read blogs. Oh, whoops. I had just crawled back into bed when up the stairs he came with my coffee and a donut. Yes, I am shamelessly bragging.

Isabella continues to amaze me. She is getting REALLY FAST at pulling herself up, and yesterday had BOTH knees up on a box. Uh-OH. She also eyed-up the steps when cousin Sara was up them. I do think we have some time before she figures those out, but it does mean that she suddenly realized that they were there, and that they led to somewhere desireable. darn. Also, she has a walker that we all really love. She just thinks she's special for getting to walk around, and I have found something that will keep her happy long enough to empty and load the dishwasher - what a Godsend! Today she pulled herself up on that, which has... wheels. She managed to keep up with it for 5 whole steps before falling onto her face. I am so impressed. Yes, again, I am shamelessly bragging.
Today after Mass was the church's breakfast, for which Bella stayed awake the entire time, about 1.5 hours past her naptime. Patrick put her in the seat right at the door and we walked out and she was asleep - that fast. It was so cute.

iz anyone els havng truble with spelchek on blogger? it dusn't seeem to wurk.

Today I spoke with a friend who is 17 weeks pregnant with her first baby, and we shared the indescribable joy that comes from knowing that God has allowed you to participate in His creation of a person. That concept, the experience of that gift will never get old or boring. There is nothing run-of-the-mill about that heartbeat that is a whole new, individual life. And then in just 8 short months (that 9th is the longest ever) you meet that little person who will forever amaze you, and will take your breath away. And then she, too, will join the ranks of the shameless braggarts.


Patty Arnold said...

I LOVE weekends too! I'm glad you had such a nice one! I hope I get to meet Bella someday!