Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Shark, bum- bum- bum

Does that post title make anyone else think about summer camp? okay, never mind.

Isabella has her first tooth! Fact: Babies and puppies have the darn sharpest little teeth! Aunt Angela found it the other day, after a few days of it being right on the verge. As teeth are apt to do. Oh, bottom left as is typical.
Bella is pulling herself up on everything!!! Her eye-span is growing, too, and she looks at things much higher up or farther away as potential standing opportunities. She gets very happy, and has started letting go with one hand. Then she lets go with both hands and gets mad that someone made her fall.

I walked into her room the other day after her nap to find her like this, and very proud of herself. A first, and certainly not a last. :)
Speaking of naps (great idea!), yesterday I heard Bella start to wake up and then change her mind; I poked my head around the corner to see that she had fallen back asleep. Gee, don't you find yourself falling asleep in positions like totally bent over forward at the waist? No? You mean you'd break in half like I would? I snuck into her room to take the pic and she didn't even stir. How was this comfortable? I made it big so you could see her little foot in front of her face.

Bath time is her favorite time of the day. Isabella is such a little water baby, she sits SO happy splashing and kicking and biting the toys for as long as I let her. The only sad part is having to get out. She doesn't even mind the hair washing/rinsing, as long as it buys more time in the water. A few days ago she was laying with the towel wrapped around her happy and smiling, but wouldn't you know it - I didn't have my camera. So yesterday I brought my camera with us, and she was unhappy for the photo op. I took them anyways, maybe better luck some other time. We'll see. Rachael is, most days, Bella's favorite play toy. Um, I mean cousin. We were geting ready to leave my folks' house and both babies were whining, until Bella crawled over and pulled herself up on Rachael's carseat. Suddenly both babies were intrigued with one another. 2 funny poses, neither of which were caught on film were: Bella leaning down in a "hug" pose against Rachael's fuzzy seat liner, and Rachael grabbing Bella's hands and putting them in her mouth. I am amazed at my daughter. I look at her playing and exploring and I think about how fast babies learn and grow and change. Just a minute ago wasn't she just a tiny little newborn who didn't do anything but cry and eat? Didn't she just lay still yesterday? I think about how little I change from day to day, how long it takes us adults to learn things, and then how retrieving a toy off the ground but once teaches her Mama-fetch. How difficult is it for us to remember more/new vocabulary words or a whole new language, and yet she will learn words (eventually) at a staggering pace. We "brainstorm" and "think outside the box" to find solutions to our problems; if something is too big for her to pick up on her first try with one hand she uses both (whatever it takes to get something to her mouth!).
Sure, some people brush this off as "intuition" and "natural instinct", but if so then how awesome is natural instinct! Babies are amazing.