Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mostly Pictures

Lest anyone be confused and think I am starting to write with actual thought, here are just some fun pictures of us lately.
Horsey rides, a classic. If you look closely at Bella you will see a large hand holding her - a hand much to big to be Sara's. Now you can stop worrying.

Don't the 2 little girls look like they're working hard together?
Rachael was propped up here, and she was very intrigued! Bella did not seem to mind sharing. We'll see how long that lasts! Rachael is working hard to catch up in size to Bella; in fact, I think she's already longer! My short and squat kid will forever envy her tall lean cousin. But that's ok; all they have to do is look at their mothers.

More sleeping pictures! Isabella was SO tired she was happy to fall asleep on my mom. You know, I still remember my mom singing lullabies to me, so it's very special to hear those same songs that I loved as she sings to my daughter. Bella seems to like our sleepy routine of singing, which is fine by me! She's too young to be a critic. :)

And now: my little 7-month-old shorty with a walker. AUGH! She is using this to help her walk across the floor, and is VERY happy about it!
She has been pulling herself up for a couple of weeks, and each day gets a little stronger at inching her way along the sofa, play table, Daddy, anything! Just a few days ago she shocked the heck out of me by walking across the floor with this. It's funny to see her, though, since she's so short. Most walking toys are too tall for her! In fact, it's her height (or lack there of) that is my saving grace - otherwise she'd be up the stairs, too!
Dear Lord, keep my joints limber and my movements swift!


Christine said...

What cute pictures! I can't believe how much she wants to get around and walk...or how cute she is in that little dress being held by grandma.

I'll give you a call this weekend, while the guys are gone.