Friday, February 29, 2008

Costco: Danger Ahead

Costco - it does a family good?

Originally, I had to be convinced that making my own baby food was the way to go, but ever since I started I have to agree - I really enjoy it, actually. However, after my last 2 batches I decided that I wasn't saving myself much by having to make it every weekend, and instead I needed to make bigger batches. Yes folks, that's 10 pounds of carrots and 5 pounds of green beans.

I would offer a word of caution that blending green beans into smithereens is NOT for the weak-stomached. How can something so mild smell SO bad? Anyway.

May I present the final product, stuffed into my freezer so tightly that I must beware every time I open the freezer door.

We went to Costco to get 2 new tires and a pizza for dinner. The (gigantic, of course) ready-to-bake pizzas are $10, who could argue with that? "Oh, but let's pick up some veggies to make baby food." "Great idea, let's make in quantity so I'm not doing it every weekend." "Also, we need flour with all the pizza and pretzel making we've been doing." "Oh yeah, let's get the medium-huge bag and see how quickly we use that up." "Ok." "Oh Honey, do we really need that much cereal?" "No, you're right, but let's get more pasta."

And $100 later...

Man, that was expensive baby food.