Friday, February 8, 2008

Lucky 7

Presenting: Isabella, my 7 - month-old Angel! The joys of motherhood only grow with each month - what an amazing phenomenon! When I fall into bed each night, aside from being exhausted, I am full - of graces, of joys, of concerns, of pride in my daughter and in my life. Not always necessarily deliriously happy, but still full of the joy that comes with knowing God's blessings in my life. And each morning, as I stumble out of bed, and I amazed that all of those feelings can grow with each passing day. Truly, "My Cup Overflows."

So, now my Bella at 7 months:

Stats: 14lbs, 11 ozs. 25 1/2 inches longs. This puts her in the 10th %, but she's growing on the same curve she has been, and as the doc says "she'll never be a big kid." She is the chubbiest little lightweight I've seen... (my mom would call it "hollow fat")

Activites: crawling, a little faster each day! Pulling herself up on anything she can reach! She loves getting to her feet, and then breaks into a big smile and usually "bops" up and down out of excitement. Silly girl. The other day she "walked" with the box on which she had pulled herself up for like 5 feet across the floor, although she wasn't sure how exactly that worked. Rolling, sitting, chasing toys, and still loves being snuggled, but only when she's tired!

Interests: Anything and everything that looks good enough to chew on. Also, dancing and singing and watching her cousins play. She's fascinated by watching older kids, especially toddlers. She is Sara's biggest fan.

Vocal: Bella LOVES to babble! She says a few different sounds, and makes silly noises, too. Like growling!, raspberries, gurgles, all that cute baby stuff. Her favorite lately is the "ba" sound, which she does with her upper lip tucked over her bottom lip, looking like an old man without his dentures.

2 Funny Facts: Isabella growls. Patrick used to growl at her all the time to make her smile, and now it's part of her normal vocal repertoire. She does it mostly when she's happy, as just another fun sound to make.
Also, I love how she handles her pacifier. We do not give it to her, we HAND it to her. Since she uses it either at bed or in the car only, we just hand it to her, and she either chews on the back end or sucks on the front. Her choice, and she changes it around as she deems necessary! I think that's hysterical! Who knew that a pacifier would be the best multi-tasker in our house?!

<- This is Mardi Gras - she loved the beads! Especially to chew on, of course.

She's Such a multi-tasker, look at her go! I'm not surprised at how much she likes the walker. ->

She just got this activity table the other day, and it has opened up yet another world - the one of standing and playing, which she loves!