Friday, February 1, 2008

The Dawn of a New Era

The end of the peaceful regime as we know it. A time when I realize I did not know the meaning of busy. This Era brings more lasting change to my life than the Industrial Age.

...... Isabella is CRAWLING! A true-blue, cross-pattern, strong crawl with direction. She sees what she wants, crawls over and gets it. It's so cute to watch! She thinks the mobile life is great!

It started for real in California. Before that she was doing this big push-off with her legs and faceplanting in a forward motion. That was not crawling, "that's falling with style!" But then it happened - she up and crawled across the floor! Geez Kid, easy there! Relax and enjoy the nice colorful toys I have placed around you. Nope, not anymore - now she's ready to search out other things, which she does happily. Especially things like shoes, cellphones, lint, books, coffee mugs, and anything else that does not resemble something specifically engineered for babies.

One would think that was plenty in the Big Milestones department. Isabella is not that One. She also began pulling herself up to standing! She gets up on her feet and walks herself forward until she is standing upright, and then breaks into a HUGE smile and coos and raspberries, all proud of herself. What a funny kid.
So this weekend has been dubbed "Baby Proofing Weekend" and we need to have a baby gate up. Soon.


Alexis said...

Whoa! That's exciting - life with a crawler is still taking us some time to get used to - it's aLOT of messes to clean up, that's for sure!