Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thirsting at the Well

Today was "water Sunday" of Lent... or at least the gospel was the story of the Samaritan women at the well. We had an awesome homily by the fantastic Fr. Francis Martin, a world renouned biblical scholar. He gave a great homily, about the historical aspects of the gospel, the liturgical rotation we're in this year, and the social conontations of this exchange; however, the point that really struck me was the spiritual aspect - Father talked about the THIRSTING that was going on. There are 2 people thirsting in this gospel - Jesus and the woman. Both were at the well for water, but both experienced a much deeper thirst. Jesus thirsts for this woman's heart, just as He thirsts so longingly for each of our souls! This woman thirsts for love, which is manifested in her seeking the attentions of her "5 husbands, and the one now is not currently your husband."

Biologically speaking, thirst is a survival mechanism; by the time we experience the feeling of being thirsty our body is telling us we are dehydrated and need replenishing. The feeling of thirst is often uncomfortable, but it is also manifested in other ways. Did you know that often when you feel a little hungry or munchy that it's really that you need more fluids? Stay with me, I'm going somewhere...

We all thirst for something, something that will replenish us, and it manifests in our lives as different "wants," but these wants do not satisfy by themselves. Our physical beings may long for food, for affection, for recognition, achievement. If we look deeper, we will see a thirst - we are seeking after the LOVE that will replenish us, and that is to thirst after the Heart of Jesus.