Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Little Epicure

Isabella has moved into the world of solids, much to my nose's disappointment. She seems pretty happy with it, and although she does not eat a whole lot, she is doing really well. There is one little problem, though, other than the diapers. She finds cereal boring. WHAT??? What do babies know about the world of flavor??? The love breastmilk! But seriously, ever since we introduced sweet potatoes she just is not content with rice cereal. She purses her lips together and turns her head if you give her too many bites of plain cereal. I don't care if I mix the 2 together, it really isn't a big deal. I just think it's hysterical that a 7 month-old, who has had solids for 1 month already has a strong preference.

We have also tried avacado, while we were in California, but that was a total reject. In fact, I tried it again back home (there were on sale!) and she made a purposeful gagging noise after 1 bite. So no more avacado for a while; we'll just have to make guacamole for Patrick and I instead. Darn.

I am making her food fresh, and although she had to get used to the texture change (after one container of store-bought, which is very smoothly pureed) I really like having it fresh. I know this isn't a big deal to most people, but I am happy with it. Today I will freeze a whole supply of several veggies for convenience.


Christine said...

Neither of my kids would eat rice cereal more than once in their lives. I always end up with a big box.

You can also make baby food in the slow cooker, I've never done it, but I bet the consistency would be alot like the store bought.

So cute. Thanks for sharing

Patty Arnold said...

Babies are so funny, and so different. Who can figure out their tastes?

Joshua hasn't met a food he doesn't like so far. He eats rice & bananas, egg, and avocado. HE LOVES TO EAT and gets very upset when the food is gone.

Abigail said...

So cute! I'm experimenting with home made baby food as well this weekend.

Kate said...

So about the f0od in the slow-cooker: Cooking foods in water can pull some of the nutrients out of the veggies. The healthiest way to do it is to steam, and since Bella is doing fine with the texture (it happened quick) I'll stick to steaming them. Not that it's bad to boil or crock-pot tem, but all the literature says steam for optimal benefits.