Friday, February 1, 2008

A Blogger's Curse

... an excess of blog material and a total lack of creative genius. I think the creativity center in your brain is linked directly to the sleep center. I don't need scientific proof; I'm living it!
However, this weekend begins the "Ferberizing" of Isabella. We'll see if it's worth the hype and delivers what it promises - A whole night's sleep after only 1 week. I'm not holding my breath, but it's worth the try!
Despite my sleep deprivation and lack of writer's creativity, I continue to write. See, that's what happens when you know you have the cutest little baby ever. :) Just ask any mom, right?

Yesterday we introduced her to a walker AND a sippy cup. The cup was just for playing and chewing purposes to keep her occupied; I don't think she's ready for actual usage. However, the walker was serious business - it holds to potential for more hands free mind-at-ease time for Mama! Today I started (finally) folding the clothes from our trip. Now they've been washed since Monday, but it's high time they made it to the drawers. All thanks to the walker! Isabella happily played in that, moving and standing to her heart's delight, while I folded... well, ok, about 1/3 of the Mount Clothesmore. More later.


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