Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're Back!

Home from Southern California after a wonderful week with family! Poor Isabella, I'm sure she wonders why life is so boring now, after a whole week of lots to see and do and people to hold her. We were all rather spoiled while out there - Gram took Bella in the mornings and let Mama sleep! That was vacation enough for me! We had a very full week and enjoyed thoroughly; it's always nice to get to spend time with family.

Isabella was quite the star, which of course she loved!
She loved the wind chimes! Of course, she loved everything outside! Anytime she was fussy all I had to do was step outside - my little Bella is really an outdoors-girl! The weather held out for us nicely, although cooler by their standards it was t-shirts for us! She loved walking around her Papa-Joe's garden and Gram held her up to feel the oranges in their tree. I think that should be the new ad for California Oranges, myself. :)
We did so much that I think I will post a few separate stories. However, I will say that I got my Christmas present from Patrick out there - we went to see "WICKED!" !!!!! It was AWESOME! It was also our first real night out without Bella. We left her with Gram and Auntie Michelle for the evening while we, with niece Morgan, headed into Hollywood. It was incredible! In fact, it was such a great play that I didn't think about Bella until the ride home. How's that for testimony to it's greatness? I love the theater. Isabella, of course, did fine. I'm not sure she would have been upset even if she knew I was gone with all that love and affection from Auntie and the girls! (ages 5 and 3, super cute.)
We partook in several of our favorite treats out there, including date shakes from Hadley's, have sworn off Mexican food for a little while, and tasted the original French Dip sandwich with the world's spiciest mustard. yum!
The day after a trip is always a little disppointing, as you look at the mound of laundry and listen to the sound of freezing rain hit your roof. It is good to be home, though, and Isabella keeps our days moving faster than ever, now!


Alexis said...

sounds like a blast! It looks so nice and sunny...oh well, I love Michigan, I do, I do!

Christine said...

Welcome back, we missed you. And I'm so glad you had a nice time- looks so warm and not icy.