Friday, June 27, 2008

A Night for ME

When I read that title aloud I realize just how self-centered, selfish, and (forgive the term) "yuppie" it sounds. I am a MOM, I LOVE being a MOM, and furthermore I love being a Stay-At-HOME-Mom. The truth of the matter is, that being called to the vocation of a SAHM does not automatically give you all the strength you will ever need to never be by yourself again. We all need our "recharge" and I have seen lately where mine has been lacking. Hence my post seeking good reading material for some quiet time.

Well Friends, I did it! On Tuesday evening I went out right after dinner all by myself to Starbucks with book in hand. I resisted the urge to announce to everyone, from the barrista to the women's book study beside me, that this was my first night out in a long time, and that I have a wonderfully supportive husband at home with our Baby. I ordered a fancy-schmancy drink, settled into an over-sized chair, and read for almost 3 hours! Pure bliss.

*Hint for Starbucks Fans: Buy a gift card, go online and register the card with your info. That cheap refill I talked about then becomes a FREE REFILL! No Joke! You can refill any beverage as a coffee, tea, or iced of either (normally 50 cents) as long as you're sitting in the store. Also, when you register by July 14th they send you a coupon for a FREE BEVERAGE of your choice. Check it out! I'm always on the lookout for free stuff, especially in the form of treats!


Kathy said...

Kate, I've just read some great books if you are looking for some new reads.