Monday, June 23, 2008

Me, a Gardener?

Yes, that's right, I've taken the plunge and started my very own square foot garden! 15 Roma tomato plants, 7 Basil plants, 6 Bell pepper plants, and 2 jalapeno plants, all in a 3ft x 8 ft space!
There are a few lofty goals I have dared to set - to can tomatoes in the fall and to make fresh pesto. No, these may not sound like lofty goals to you, but put them in perspective. To reach these goals I will have to keep the darn plants alive. In other news, I have fresh BLUEBERRIES!!! This is VERY exciting, as I LOVE fresh berries, and it means that there are at least 2 plants that have survived despite my total lack of a green thumb. I think God offers us little bits of happiness in the taste of fresh berries, especially right out of your own front yard!Incidentally, I do believe I chose the right year to start this gardening project - we have gotten rain every week thus far this summer! Even so, I am tempted to open a poll for how long people think I will manage to keep the things alive. Wish me luck!