Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Project: The Wall

As I mentioned a few days ago, we have officially started our backyard renovation project. Last Friday my brother Eric put his trusty skid loader and digging skills to work, and Voila! We have a giant mud hole where our grass formerly was!

After that, however, he built our retaining wall!!! This is really the exciting part, as we've had 3 pallets of wall stone sitting in our front yard for weeks, thanks to God's watering excess in our area. Eric did a beautiful job with the wall, despite a sudden realization we had miscalculated the height of the wall AND the morons who laid the drainage pipe beside the house did not bury it deeply which mandated an adjustment of wall placement. *sigh* If only all contractors were as smart and reliable as mine.

We have such big plans for our little yard, and it's SO exciting to finally see the first part taking shape! We still have a LOT of work yet to do - repainting the back of the house, laying the patio, and then finally the new deck. Yikes!

When the project is finished I will post before and after pics of the backyard. Until then I will just post the steps as we do them. I'm so excited!