Sunday, June 8, 2008

11 Months?

To think what can change in a year. I know it sounds silly, or cliche, and hopelessly sentimental, but I have been thinking a lot about that!

One Year Ago:

I was madly in love with someone I had never seen in person.

I dreamed night and day about my Baby.

I was celebrating my LAST SHIFT as a nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. (eating a lot of cookies and chips-n-salsa, true to a nurses' party.)

I could go on, but I will spare you. I guess my point is that every one's life changes from year to year. We accept change, sometimes excitedly and sometimes begrudgingly, but either way we all know it is necessary to keep life from becoming static. Even more so, to keep ourselves from becoming static and complacent. We face challenges not knowing how much we will be changed through them, and in the end we can be thankful for them.

I loved being a nurse, but I knew without a doubt my place was going to be at home with my Child. Even though I had never held her in my arms, didn't even know she was a SHE, I had total peace one year ago tonight knowing that I was doing the best thing for our family. Every day I am thankful that I am privileged to stay at home to be a full-time wife and mother.

I often think about my work as a nurse, my years at Hopkins with the same people, forming friendships and facing professional challenges. I was ready to leave when I did, but the finality of it had not sunk in. Instead I was totally and completely wrapped up in the Baby I would be holding soon. One year later I realize how much life has changed for the better, without a doubt.
At 11 months old my Isabella is busy busy - just starting to take steps, learning and discovering, playing silly games! She is the center of my universe in a way I was only imagining just one short year ago. ...and I'll get back to you in a year and let you know what changes June 2009 sees!