Monday, June 16, 2008


This past weekend we had to move Isabella into a new category - she is a WALKER! After more than a month of being "almost there", right on the brink of letting go, she took the plunge (sometimes quite literally) and loves it!

We have been calling her a "stepper" for a couple of weeks, as she's been letting go and taking 2,3,4 steps, then suddenly "Holy Cow, what am I thinking???" and sitting down. Notice: not always falling, but sitting. Thursday was the first time she stood up by herself and then took a few steps and then sat down, all without the aid of props. (She has been standing up without props for a couple of weeks, but the steps always began with her holding on to something first.)

Saturday we had a busy and wonderful day, starting with my niece Ashley's last TeeBall game, which involved a lot of sunshine and heat. After a great nap on the way home Bella was ready to greet our guests and have such a fun time playing with Paul and Lucy, and stealing the pacifier from Jane! Somewhere in there she decided to walk 15 steps! Then more! AUGH! Suddenly she was taking as many steps as she needed to reach a destination without any more thought!!! She even walked from our kitchen (hard tile) to the living room (carpet) without falling! Well, at least until she was several steps into the carpet.

Now, please do not be fooled - active as she is, she is not what I would call "proficient" at walking. She has that funny toddle, accompanied by lots of splats, or grabbing onto things to catch her balance. She does look silly, being such a pip-squeak and toddling across the floor. She bends down, picks up toys, and keep right on trucking a lot - I think this might be her favorite part, as it's much easier to carry toys in one's hand than in one's teeth when that One is not a puppy dog!

I am actually quite happy with this development. Her pretty dresses can start to stay a little cleaner... at least until she plays with the mudpuddle on my parents' deck like yesterday! Since she has not been confined to one floor of the house for a while, walking does not seem like that much more "trouble." I am still thankful, however, that she is so small. That in and of itself seems to limit the amount of trouble my Little One can reach, at least!