Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time off for Good Behavior?

As Angela mentioned, I have been talking about what to do with time all to myself. Patrick has been after me to take some time to go out and do something without Bella. He seems to think I need time to myself. What could he mean? I was out by myself just last week! Never mind that it was to the grocery store after Bella went to bed, and that I had "to market to market to buy a fat pig" stuck in my head the whole time. No, clearly that is not a sign that I need more adult mental stimulation!

In reality, Pat has been doing a great job lately of encouraging more time for whatever I want to do. The trouble is, I find the decision of WHAT to do rather difficult. Sometimes I daydream thinking "the possibilities are endless!" but when faced with the actual question I am left at a loss. I know there are plenty of activities I would enjoy, but none of them seem to top the priority list these days. I, like Angela, came up with a mental list of "to-do's" for my freedom. You may notice that they are all completely focused on productivity.
-reorganize Bella's closet to maximize space for #2
- clean out boxes still in my basement since college. (don't judge me, I'm a sentimentalist!)
-CLEAN, donate, CLEAN (why is this never crossed off, although we moms spend our whole days doing it?)
-learn Italian
- clean, thin-out, reorganize basement.
-figure out a way to get paid for my nursing knowledge, then do that.

I did finally come up with 2 options that were more necessarily selfish. 1) shop for summer shirts that are nursing and early pregnant friendly. Wish me luck! 2) READ.

I absolutely LOVE reading! Always have! (My mother once complained when I was much younger that I spent too much time reading.) I have recently realized that the past 5 books I've read were all about 'getting your child to sleep through the night' (didn't work) and 'losing those pregnancy pounds' (also didn't work). I need to read something that either has a better chance of making a difference, or out of which I expect less. I will request the books online, and on my night out I will pick them up from the library, head to Starbucks, and READ for several hours while flopped in an over-stuffed chair, sipping on a way-too-expensive-and-Caloric-drink. YAY!
*Tidbit for the day: Starbucks policy states that as long as you are in the store, coffee refills are only 50 cents, and that you can refill whatever drink you order as a coffee, tea, or iced of either. Call 1-800-STARBUC to verify.

So, dear readers, WHAT BOOKS??? I love a good biography, mystery, adventure, spiritual, classical literature, historical and fiction. I do not like Sci-Fi or romance. (Well, a good Jane Austin or the like is an acceptable romance.) I have a few on "the list" but am craving suggestions. I plan to read more Fr. Dubay (AWESOME spiritual challenges) but also need something a little, uh, lighter. Like "Count of Monte Cristo." :) So, tell me what you would read or re-read. Tell me what book captured your heart, or at least your attention for a while. I will consider my options, and maybe one day actually read something that doesn't rhyme, while sitting in a chair out of earshot and eyesight.

After a few hours of that I will be so eager to scoop up my Little Beloved again, shower her with kisses, and find an appropriate thank-you for my kind and thoughtful husband.


Christine said...

Hmmm, my first thought is God and the World or Salt of the Earth by Ratzinger since they are conversations and therefore easy to pick up and put down. Also I just read Atlas Shrugged and that was very provoking, it's very long so if not that her The Fountainhead is alot shorter. If you haven't read it - A Severe Mercy by Van Aucken (sp) is great. I'll think some more and give you a call. :)

Christine said...

Carole just put up this list of 50 books that looks great. Maybe there's something on here, you'd like to read.

Angela said...

I really enjoyed "The Kite Runner". I am a huge fan of memoirs also...kinda blogs...just in paper form! Loved the shout-out, BTW!