Friday, December 7, 2007

Joyful Anticipation

Happy Advent! I know I am a few days late jumping in on the "Advent posts" ; I seem the past week to be off my game, having trouble stringing together a complete thought. Some might suggest that this is no change from normal for me... Whether it is the cold I've been fighting off, or the circumstances of Isabella waking up every 2 hours at night, I decided it was best to stay away from blogging. But, I'm back this morning!

Advent is my favorite time of the year, hands down. As a child there was great anticipation leading up the Day of Days, the grandest, greatest, most wonderful Day of the year. While Santa was very big (no pun intended) in our house, there was always more to Christmas gift-giving than the gluttonous consumerism that plagues much of society. But more on that later. Right now I am thinking about the most joyful anticipation that I encounter during the year. The intense joy cultivated in me as a child has continued to grow over the years, and I would say mature right along with me.
May I dare to submit, in fact, that the happiness surrounding a child's anticipation of Santa grew and matured and has carried into a grown-up spiritual anticipation of the Birth of our Lord. It's like the mystery and magic of Santa tilled the soil in my heart for much more important planting. OK, I could go on about this all day, and at the end of it many of you will still think I am silly. oh well :)

This Advent, I (along with several girl friends) am reading Fulton Sheen's Advent and Christmas as a spiritual meditation. The first week has already been really good for me, calling me to some good scripture reflection and daily prayer. I recommend it for people who are looking for a little help throughout the day to stay focused! The very first day set the stage:

" God walks into your soul with a silent step."
See, right there - I love the hustle-and-bustle! But I am reminded each day to take some time for me to listen to God's voice.
I may have mentioned in this post how much I love Advent and the Christmas season - this could mean excessive blogging (you don't have to read it!) as I always seem to have lots to share. On the other hand, if last week was any indication of how my days are going to go, I might forget how to use a computer!


Christine said...

Well, just in case you don't forget how to use a computer, I'll be checking in frequently.

The Fulton Sheen book has been awesome - it seems like everyday he has a difference reflection that I haven't expected. It's nice and a good refresher after long days.

Sounds like Bella is teething - poor things. Sleep will come again - hopefully soon.