Monday, December 10, 2007

what a day...

Yesterday was...

First, Mass: Angela and the girls and the 3 of us. What is the unspoken rule in the diaper world that says "thou shalt poop the minute you get settled in the pew after Mass starts?" We have 2 baby carriers, 2 diaper bags, and a toddler who wants her milk that very second. The poor ladies behind us! I try to discreetly leave to change my stinky girl in a pretty dress, which is very hard when I'm squeezing by Angela et. al. While I'm in the bathroom changing my little stinker, in comes Angela with Sara, another stinky girl in a pretty dress. Sara, not Angela. :) The rest of Mass was Sara's quest for the stuff in my diaper bag and Bella being the Queen of the Wiggles. whew!

Home to nap? Never! Off to my parents' house for brunch, where my Uncle Chris announces his engagement to long-time girlfriend Leslie. Apparently we're busy April 26th, heading down to Annapolis. :) My folks' house is always filled with fun and chaos, and of course yesterday was no exception. We finally left so we could go get our Christmas Tree; we like to go the "cut your own" farms, which are only open on weekends. We were on a mission - a Cold, Overcast, Mucky Mission. Of course. We lose the 2nd baby sock in 2 days. different pair, of course. If you ever see my child in mis-matched socks, keep your mouth shut. ;-p

But Wait! There's More! After dinner Patrick and I took Bella (obviously) and Sara to our church's "Lessons and Carols" which we enjoyed last year. It's a series of readings leading through the prophesies and laying the framework for the Birth of Jesus in scripture, interspersed with Advent songs/carols. It was done well - at least what I heard of it. "Beyya seep" "Yes, Bella is asleep, sshhh!!! do you want to read the book?" "*whisper* Sara, sit right next to me, honey. Good girl" *thump* LOUD crying. scoop Sara up and RUN to the back. On my way back I hear Bella wake up. Oh Goody. Back to the front where I exchange girls with Patrick - "Sara, sit on Uncle Pat's lap." Back to the ladies' room to feed Bella, and over the speaker I hear Sara break down again, and a phone ring that sounds suspiciously like mine. *sigh* We left right after that, and for that I'm sure we had many thankful participants.

We, including Bella, slept pretty well last night!


Christine said...

I love reading about your days. I can see exactly what happened and see your facial expressions. :) Sounds like a fun day!