Thursday, December 20, 2007

morning tears

I had the best of plans to make it to Mass every day this week. Well, most weeks I think I am going to Mass every day, since there is a 9am just a few minutes from here; this week, however, I was thinking that for the last week of Advent I really wanted to go everyday.

Isabella slept all night in her crib (waking up once) until 0620! And then I laid her in the bed next to me because I'm lazy at that hour; then at 0750 she woke up screaming! Sad, Sad, Sad!!! So after an hour and a half of tired/hurt crying, I put her down and she fell asleep in her crib laying on her stuffed hippo.

No Mass today...

Being a mommy: Loving them and hurting for them SO much you are certain your heart is going to fall out of your chest.


Alexis said...

This picture is making me think that my Goddaughter is growing a long as she grows out of it (or into it, as the case may be) we'll let it slide. She's looking so kissable! I can't wait to see her!

Kate said...

Yes, Alexis, there is a mullet!!! A significat one :) My little fashion girl - of the 80s!