Thursday, December 27, 2007

Buon Natale!

May the joy and peace of this blessed Christmas season be with you and those you love!

We had a very nice Christmas, of course! It was Isabella's first, obviously, and as the man behind us at midnight Mass said, our "Last free one. before you know it they want Gucci purses."

Yes, we made it to Midnight Mass. I LOVE midnight Mass SO MUCH! I love everything from arriving in the dark in the cold air, like all pictures of the Nativity always look. I love walking into a dimly lit church, with the choir singing soft, beautiful hymns. The candles burning, and trees and poinsettias, the hushed excitement of everyone waiting for the celebration of the Birth of our Savior to begin. Although theologically this is not the absolute high of the liturgical year, it is dear in the hearts of many Christians, as we celebrate the beginning of the Life that would save us. *interesting fact: I learned a few years ago that some South Americans who were converted away from Catholicism to LDS and Seventh-Day Adventists still attend Midnight Mass as part of their Christmas celebration. They just consider it part of Christmas.*

Bella did pretty well during Mass - she did, of course, wake up. But then she proceeded to smile and charm everyone around us. I do think she was the only baby there! Brave (read: crazy) parents!

Pictures taken last week:
Look what Santa left in our stockings! ->

Santa in the carseat courtesy of Sara