Monday, December 17, 2007

as that Bella, goes rolling, along...

A whole new world has opened up - a world in which the scenery changes suddenly, bringing into view new things to reach for and chew on! Isabella is a rollin' roly-poly! Although she has rolled before on a few random occasions, just last week she started rolling with a purpose, and is more aware that is it she who moves herself. And boy oh boy is it fun! Today I put her in Rachael's crib to watch the mobile in hopes of her falling asleep. Ha! No sleep was to be had, but after 10 minutes of quiet I went to check on her, and she had flipped herself over and was playing with a toy. "Enough of that mobile stuff; I need something to put in my mouth!"

Which brings me to my next bulletin: I finally believe her to be teething. *sigh* At least I believe that there has to be a logical explanation for the emotional trauma and sleepless nights that have been going on. And Bella has been having a rough time, too. :) Isabella has been chewing on everything lately, and if it's possible she's drooling more than before, too. I don't yet feel anything different on her gums, but she finally got some Tylenol the other night and teething drops courtesy of Aunt Michelle. We slept for a whole 3 hours! So far I think I recommend them for teething babies; they're 100% natural and (if nothing else) give her something comforting to think about for a little while. Who knows when the ugly beasts will show themselves.

We have been to 2 breakfasts with Santa, and she really could not care less. She's 5 months old -it's a fuzzy soft place to sit! Who knows, should I actually decide to send out post-Christmas wasn't-she-beautiful picture cards (highly unlikely as it looks now, but ya never know...) she is awfully cute!

I would love her to start sucking her thumb so we could ditch the pacifier. However, I don't think it's really the thumb I'm interested in, but rather a sign that she is moving toward self-soothing. I have to admit I'm really weary of the swaddling-pacifier-shushing-aerobic routine. Now, the aerobic workout that accompanies her screaming fits have great cardio benefits and I'm sure burn at least the calories from my glass of skim milk but sadly probably not the cookie... *sigh* I just think that we're at a turning point in her bedtimes, and it would make me feel better if she would find her precious little built-in soother when she's laying in her crib screaming her head off. On day we will all sleep again... I hope :) (This is where I put my plug in asking for forgiveness for my terrible grammar, typos galore, and scant and random blogging.)