Tuesday, December 4, 2007

5 Month-Old Adventures

Just 5 months - we've hit a few more growing points with a vengeance! She is doing much better sitting up - with help :) And we've discovered that the "boppy" pillow, which was useless for nursing, is the best "baby sofa" ever! Thanks Angela! Bella will happily sit there for a while playing with whatever toys she can reach for. It provides enough support that I can walk away for a few minutes, at least. And then the quest for the unreachable toy... usually one she has managed to push out of her own reach - darn those hands! So she leans wwaaayyyyy forward to reach for it. You know how the weebles wobble but they won't fall down? Although my baby may be shaped like a little weeble, she does, in fact, do a fantastic face plant. There is one of 2 responses at this time - either she's within reach of the desired toy, or she's just ticked that she's on her face. Ah, the adventures!

We went to the doctor's last week, so the stats are in: 13 lbs, 9 ozs. 25 1/4 inches long. Small side of normal range, but growing on the same curve she has been since birth! Everything that she "should" (those books crack me up) be doing she's handling just fine.

This morning we spent 10 minutes on her favorite activity - laying naked (plus diaper, I'm not stupid!) on the changing table blowing raspberries, cooing, tickling, and eating her toes. She LOVES this! She laughs so much when tickled, especially on her sides and feet. Mama's daughter! Also, she got a good grip on those elusive toes with both hands, allowing her several minutes of the purest toe-chewing pleasure. Then I decided that it was too darn cold for her to be laying naked up there anymore, and broke up the party by dressing her. What a party-pooper.
Two nights ago we began the process of moving her out of our room. *sigh* So, so, SO far away to her own bedroom, her own crib. Now, allow me to lay some framework, lest you think I am nothing but dramatic. (of course anyone who knows me knows that I am not in the least dramatic. right?) So Isabella is my little mover - she has slept in a swing since she stopped sleeping on my chest, at a few weeks old. For many months, when the swing stops, her eyes open. It's like magic! I have been putting her in the crib to nap almost every day, at least once a day to start the transition. I find transitioning during the day helpful, as we all sleep at night. :) And heaven knows that's important! Anyways, I started telling Patrick to put her in the crib if she's fast asleep at night. Little did I know how much I was NOT ready for this!
I get all ready for bed. Check on her. Lay down, jump up to get my water... as long as I'm up I might as well check on her! Snuggle in, and proceed to talk to Pat about my concern about not hearing her until she's wide awake and screaming. Go check on her. Ha, she had started to fuss, so pacifier and I'm back in bed. I start to talk to my poor hubby again; out of nerves I can't seem to shut up! My dear, beloved Hubby says "Please let at least one of us sleep tonight?!" She slept for 2 1/2 hrs there and then ate and back in the swing. For the record, I had managed to fall asleep. We all did fine:) One night at a time, she will move out of our room, and one night at a time, I will sleep.


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I forget how much changes each month in these baby stages. Henry is only two months away from doing all of those 'big' things like sitting! Every stage is so exciting.
Isn't sleep such an amazing thing with babies. My first woke up every hour or so at night to nurse for over a year...she would only be held for naps...and the second we set in her in a crib her eyes popped right open just like you mentioned with your swing. I always said if there was a reason I needed to wake her up I would just put her in her crib!
Henry is still in our bed. I don't know when I'll make that transition...
Cute photos!