Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the Season

Now that we have slowly awakened ourselves from the turkey-coma, it is time for the joy-filled, highly-anticipated, excitement-building activity of...


Last year we opted for photo cards, and it was so nice we're doing it again this year! Now I understand that nothing takes the place of a nice hand-written note; like many people, I have a great nostalgia for the beauty of old-fashioned correspondence. Here in the world of Little Ones, however, there is beauty and love in the convenience of a internet-ordered picture card!

At SHUTTERFLY.COM you will find over 800 choices. Lucky for me, though, you can search through them by descriptors, making the selection at least a little easier. Easier, that is, if you can decide between fanciful and childish or classy and pretty. I will always go for one that says "Merry Christmas" myself.

Throwing a party sometime this winter? I know nothing about sending out invitations, but I hear that some people do. Of course, I would probably pick these because the snowmen are drinking.

One of my favorite gift ideas is thanks to my friend Maria, who makes custom calendars for extended family! There are a lot of selections, and while I've never price-shopped these things, Shutterfly does have several styles marked down 50%!

For now I know I'll be ordering our Christmas cards soon. First challenge? Getting 3 kids to pose for a decent picture! Do you think anyone would notice if I just picked the models' pictures?