Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Word of Thanks

Certainly this week awakens even the most dormant soul to a profound gratefulness, and I am no exception. Each day I try to be openly thankful for the abundant blessings that surround me, but often I forget the "open" part. Too often people forget to say out loud the gratitude of their hearts, and I too often fall into that category. So this week, some words of Thanksgiving.

I am so grateful for my husband. He is a strong and holy man who is working on attaining heaven and is set on bringing us with him. I could never ask for more in my spouse!

Two specific points for today:
~Patrick is always trying to help make my life easier. Sometimes it's folding laundry during football, because he knows I mean to get to it during the week. Really, I do. But then the weekend rolls around (or midweek evening games) he rounds up whatever kid is interested and they head down to watch and fold. Sometimes he buys a present that he is certain will make my life easier. Sometimes it's just a suggestion or hint for an idea that will help in my daily routine. No matter what it is or even if it ends up helping, the point is that he is acutely aware of how hard I work around the house with our 3 little ones, and he wants to lessen the stress as much as possible.
~When Joey was in and out of the hospital, and as we faced one life-threatening event after another, Patrick was my rock. He truly acted as Christ to me - strong, gentle, loving, supportive, constant. Every breath we took we took together. When my heart would shake there was my loving husband. Holding hands saying the Rosary on our way down there the night after Joey's first surgery. (We got a call things weren't going well.) Singing to Joey while he was sedated. Singing to him while he was awake. Holding me watching Joey's body fight for life. The biggest testimony to my husband's faith is perhaps the day that Joey went into cardiac arrest. While we were shaking in the shock of being told they were performing CPR, Patrick reminded me that Joey was fin - he is Baptized and Confirmed. He is fine, it was us we were worried about. A man of faith, filled with love.

I could never of imagined what we would be asked to go through already, but I am eternally thankful for my husband Patrick. Each day is a reminder of what a gift he is to me.