Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Incredible 5 Months

It just isn't possible. FIVE MONTHS??? I am certain I've known him my whole life.

Most certain, t00, is that I have aged much much more. Perhaps a year or two. Or ten. My Boy, my precious, perfect, darling little boy is 5 months old!!!

Each child is a miraculous gift from God, no doubt. Every child brings mystery and excitement to life. Some children seem to just come overflowing with lessons. A whole new meaning to "My cup runneth over."

I have not written a lot of my reflections about Joey because writing makes one face what they may not be able to face at that moment. Each challenge we encountered was handled with prayer and trust, but not a lot of thinking. Thinking just isn't possible when your baby is on life-support. Thinking is not possible when you're waiting to hear the outcome of the CPR they're performing. Thinking is not possible when you scoop your healthy-looking baby out of bed for open-heart surgery. No, we tried to avoid too much thinking.

But now we REJOICE! Our house feels like Easter every time we look at our Joey! When he smiles, truly, the whole world smiles. (10 points if you're singing that song in your head now, like I am!) Each milestone is cheered as if no other baby has ever done it before him. There was a long time of not knowing what neurological setbacks he would face. Joey has decided to pleasantly surprise us this time :) Each milestone reached is a major celebration in our world!

Joey is a happy baby. He smiles SO much! I'm pretty sure it started because he was flirting with the nurses. He is a charmer, for sure! He loves to giggle in a light, quiet little way. Yesterday Big Sister Bella was being silly, and Joey BURST into a huge belly-laugh! TOO funny!
Eating is a favorite past-time for this not-so-little Little Guy! At 15 lbs he is my biggest baby yet! (And to think, he's the "sick" one?) Eating began as a major challenge, too, with the vocal chord paresis and thickened feeds and his refusal to resume breastfeeding. *sigh* But, Praise God for the availability of formula, because he continues to impress everyone with his healthy size!

It has been very exciting to see him reaching all around him for toys. He has a favorite wrestle buddy (thankfully not Anastasia) - he loves his stuffed Geico Gecko. SO funny to watch him roll and reach for it, then bring it to his mouth and babble at it! And speaking of babble, my goodness that boy is a talker! He loves to babble and coo at everything around him, and his volume is shocking at times! He has a lot to say, and wants to make sure his sisters quiet down every once in a while and listen.
He loves to make raspberries and play smacking sounds with his lips.
Dearest Joseph Thomas, you have been more than we could have ever expected, and a beautiful and perfect Gift.


Maria said...

All I can say is Praise the Lord!

Abigail said...

This post makes me cry! Little Joey, you are a miracle!

Karen said...

Thank you for the post! I enjoyed every word. :)