Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick Takes

Here I go, trying to be cool enough to hook up with the Linky List with Jen @ Conversion Diary.


I went through the majority of today thinking it was Thursday. I'm not sure if it's related to the fact I just realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week (!) or the fact that my husband will be gone all day tomorrow so the usual advantages to a relaxing Friday night are null and void, or if it is simply a testimony to my overall state of incompetence right now. Perhaps it's most likely a symptom of my life being one long run-on day, much like that last sentence.


The girls have gotten completely spoiled this week by... their father! The have decided that popcorn pajama time with a movie should be a nightly event. Last night we got home late after our monthly grocery store date night and they were shocked and appalled to discover that meant a normal bedtime routine. How terrible.


It started as a typo, but I like the commas instead of periods after the numbers. It makes me feel so Italian. Or maybe everyone is laughing at me.


Confession: I have an almost sadistic love of tickling babies. I just love the way their whole bodies just crumple up and they gasp for breath. My poor Joey has spent the past 10 minutes a victim for my amusement, but gauging from his smile I suspect he doesn't mind too much.


It took until just this week, but I am finally embracing the arrival of autumn. Each year I live in a state of denial for a while, and thus often almost miss some of the beauty! I do love the cooling weather, the rosy cheeks that display after a good play outside, and the colorful palate of leaves. However, it wasn't until yesterday when I stepped outside and went "[Yikes], it's COLD and crisp! And our neighbor has started up his wood stove!" that I finally conceded the fact it is, in fact, fall.


A parenting first for us last night - we had to call poison control! On our way home from the grocery Anastasia ate an entire small tube of toothpaste. We were reassured that the small tubes do not have enough flouride to be a threat.


I have a proposition for the next Food Network reality series. To Heck with all those "next big star" and "who's really the best cook in the world" shows. What they really need is a Real Life Kitchen in a Real Life House With Toddlers show. I could teach people a thing or two about squeaking out the occasional nutritious meal with hands in the mixing bowl and feet dancing on top of mine and the baby laughing in the background. On the other hand, those top chefs couldn't handle that kind of heat, so stay outta my kitchen. :)