Friday, December 3, 2010

Who is TWO?!?!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, precious, delicate, feminine Anastasia-Saurus.

At 26 lbs you are still a little shrimp, but you pack a lot of power despite your size. No one will ever brush by you! Also despite your size you really enjoy food, you are happy eating almost anything.

You are a Little Miss Independent for sure. You potty-trained yourself 6 months ago when Joey was born! You insist on eating with a utensil and without a bib. "Bib NO bib. BABY bib." You could be a poster child for spray-n-wash but you insist on doing everything yourself. Of course, once you make a mess, even a small one, you insist on removing all of your clothing. You like to clean up afterward!

I love the way you play with your baby doll. You hold, rock, feed, and scold your baby like a good little Mama. Then like a busy little Mama you tuck her under your arm and go about your other activities. You can be seen wearing or holding a baby almost all the time.

You have a new interest in books for something other than their projectile potential, and this makes Mama very proud. Nothing is sweeter than the sound of you "reading" or singing the books. Speaking of singing, last week you sang all the Mass parts. Loudly.

Anastasia, you are truly a precious gift to me. You delight me with your abundant silliness, amuse me with your independence, and make me laugh so often. You never fail to surprise us with what you know that you aren't saying (like the ABCs you said today or the shapes you suddenly identified unprompted) and what you are saying ("other people go home? other people sing Haaaaappy Birday to MMEEEEE!")

Happy Birthday, big girl 2-year-old.