Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweetheart "meme"

I was tagged, so here I am happily obliging for a chance to brag about my sweetheart. Rules are to (obviously) answer the questions and then tag other people to do it. We'll see about that.

Husband's Name: Patrick Joseph

How long we've been married: 3 years (only? or already? )

How long we dated: 6 years, including the 7 months we were engaged. We met within the first couple of weeks of my freshman year in college, and he was my first boyfriend.

How old is he?: just turned 29, that old man

Taller: HAHAhahaha... um, Patrick. By at least a little bit.... or by over a foot... He couldn't figure out for the longest time why I was so picky about his choice of neckties. I explained to him that when we dance that's the only thing I get to see.

Who can sing best?: Definitely Pat. People don't tend to cringe when he opens his mouth. On the other hand, I am the one who remembers the right words.

Smarter?: Again, I'll say Patrick. Although I'm no idiot (I did, after all, survive nursing school and graduate with my BSN) you will not find me in graduate school, or with anywheres near the test scores he has received. His academic strength lies in math/logic, while mine is definitely verbal.

Laundry: ouch. With a big blow to my pride, I have to admit that we share this household task, and he has been pulling a lot of weight here. With my ever-growing belly I simply cannot carry the baskets up and down the stairs, and since he carries it he often just goes ahead and starts a load while there. Before my belly started interfering I did more, but he also uses his sports-watching time to fold.

Paying bills: Pat again. He's lucky to have a wife who doesn't spend a lot of money, and I am lucky to have a husband who doesn't mind managing it.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?: This is a silly question - who's right? Anatomical Right (looking down from headboard) is me. Isn't it funny how this seems to be decided right away when you get married, and it never really switches? The first night we slept in our marital bed Patrick claimed his side, based on the fact that it was farther from the door which meant I was the first line of defense for invading kids.

Mows the lawn?: I am proud to say that we share this one. Up until a few weeks ago I was still mowing the front and one side. Now there's a spectacle - a 7 month pregnant lady out there behind the push-mower. That's one chore I don't mind sharing, especially past the dead-heat of the summer. It's great exercise with immediate gratification from the results. We also share snow-shoveling, in case you're interested, and I prefer that.

Cooks dinner: Mostly me. Patrick enjoys cooking so most weekends he'll make one big meal. I love a man who can cook!

Who's the first to admit when they're wrong?: Him, since I'm never wrong. lol. Really, that's hard to say since we're both pretty darn stubborn. I think we mostly just apologize for being pig-headed and the instance of bad communication. We're both open to explanation and apology, but I'm not sure how often "I was wrong" comes out of either of our mouths - it just isn't always necessary for us.

Who kissed first?: Pat. It was my first kiss :)

Who wears the pants?: I make the day-to-day decisions around the house, I'm home all day raising Bella, and I mostly decide our schedule. HOWEVER, I would still say Pat wears the pants with his welcome input and veto-power. I find that allowing him to be the head of our household is important to the way our family thrives. He is our Protector and Provider and I am happy to honor him in that role.

I'll tag:

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Although I will leave comments at their blogs to let them know, I am not offended if no one decides to follow. I just thought it was fun talking about my Hubby.


Alexis said...

Hey Kate - I just wanted to let you know that I'm so grateful that we have good, old friends here who will stay all day and hang out. It's such a blessing and a sign of God's providence. Thanks!