Friday, November 14, 2008

One Handed Laundry

After 5 nights of very little sleep, 2 days of a fever and a runny nose, I felt sure Bella was teething. After the vomiting ensued last night into this morning, I am no longer as confident of my diagnosis - this may, in fact, just be yet another nasty virus. Oh goody. *sigh*

As much as I love to cuddle and snuggle my baby as much as she'll let me, changing the sheets (twice) and doing (three) loads of laundry (already) one handed has proven VERY difficult. For that matter, changing my shirt (twice) has also been more challenging today... While I obviously put her down as needed, the broken-hearted screaming that results is sure to upset her stomach and produce more phlegm, guaranteed to make the whole situation worse. A vicious cycle, I tell ya.

Speaking of one-handed, typing as such is not so easy, either. I guess today will be more reading and watching TV while my Little Sick One "nuggles" (as she says it). If it weren't for the being sick detail, it would be a perfect way to spend an overcast day such as today.


Christine said...

Kate, I totally understand - last weekend Gregory was throwing up, then Clare had a fever, and they were both coughing their heads off, today Gregory has an ear infection...what a week, and I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I wanted. But I did get some done when we went nowhere for 2 days. :) Hope she feels better soon, so you can get ready for baby #2.