Friday, November 7, 2008

NC Trip

Last weekend found us in North Carolina for a fun-filled, busy-yet-relaxing weekend! On Thursday my mom and I drove down to Chapel Hill, NC for my cousin's wedding. He and his bride unwittingly chose Halloween as their date, and we headed down early. Although it was a long drive (Bella couldn't be expected to sleep the entire 5 hours) it lent itself to a very relaxing day Friday; it also meant Isabella was well-rested and adjusted before the actual wedding and reception, which was the true blessing.

We have quite a Dancing Queen on our hands! Bella followed big cousin Sara on to the dance floor, and once she caught on she was unstoppable! She stayed out there for every dance, happily bopping and twisting and laughing.

Mama had an important realization, too. Chubby Checker did not have pregnant women in mind for his "Twist!" Nevertheless, there I was - my very pregnant self holding Bella in heels doing the Twist. Actually, it was a lot of fun!

When Patrick scooped her up to dance a slow one with her, she pushed her head off his shoulder and frantically started twisting and swinging her arms; apparently slow-dancing is a little too much like bedtime! At the end of the evening she was so tired but still determined to party; she collapsed on the floor with her head down, but the little arm and leg were still moving to the music! What a party animal!

Saturday we drove a little farther to see cousins in Fayetteville. You could not ask for a more welcoming Bed and Breakfast than Mary Joan's own home. Bella was a perfect little charmer, stealing their hearts and winning their undying affection - as toddlers have a way of doing! Outside of their church is a large statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who Bella immediately recognized. She pointed excitedly, exclaiming "Maawy!" She reached out and was thrilled to give "Maawy" kisses.

The funiest moment was Sunday morning during brunch. The adults were sitting around a delicious array of edibles, while Bella walked around "reading" her books and talking to her baby. She had already surprised me by eating quite a serving of egg casserole and applesauce and cereal and grapes (very uncharacteristic of my pipsqueak). She climbs her way into Daddy's lap, rests her head on his shoulder, and falls asleep. Now for some of you parents out there this is no big deal, but this was earth-shattering for Bella! We laid her down on the carpet behind us and she did not stir until I woke her up! (I wanted her to play and run before getting in the car for the long ride home.) ????? Seriously, I'm not sure what came over her, but we took a picture knowing that no one would believe us otherwise.

We were so lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity for a weekend of fun and family. Arriving home late Sunday evening found us exhausted but rejuvenated; now if only we could explain to Bella why Monday mornings seem so quiet!