Monday, November 10, 2008


Fall amazes me every year. I think it was my grandmother who used to call the changing seasons "God's tricks" because He seems to sneak you into another season before you have a chance to protest. This fall has been warm, which has made the transition even sneakier. (Is that really a word?) We have flipped from a winter coat back to shorts and back into corduroy again and again. Each year I think "Wow, the leaves are changing already?" only to realize that it's the middle of October. This year, thanks to the warmth, I did not have to mentally adjust to arrival of fall, but rather just enjoyed the view. Suddenly I find myself shocked that the colors are past their prime, the leaves have already formed their collage of color on the ground, and the mountainside is just a little more bare and brown. Oh, yeah, that's right - it's NOVEMBER. This is what's supposed to happen now! Darn, next thing you know it will be winter!

The truth is that I actually enjoy fall a lot once I accept its presence. This year, thanks to the warmth, I have been able to be outside walking Isabella around crunching the leaves without bundling up and holding her for fear of a Mary Poppins moment with the wind. It's almost disappointing not to have the crisp air beginning to bite at your nose and bring that flush to your cheeks, but I'll take it anyway. Isn't is amazing how much more beauty we see in each piece of nature when viewed through the eyes of a child for the first time? Showing Bella the colors in the leaves opens my eyes to the diversity and splendor of God's palette. Bringing her attention to the crunch and crinkle as we walk has brought a stillness to my soul, a pause that encourages me to simply listen to God's symphony that surrounds us.

Today is colder again - the thermometer reads 47, and outside my (closed) windows the leaves are swirling around causing the dog across the street to bark like a moron. What was that about peaceful stillness? Bella was angry at her long sleeves getting dressed this morning, but is now tucked snugly in bed for her nap. Oh, that peaceful stillness. I am pining after some good orchard-fresh apple cider, but will enjoy a cup of hot tea while I prop my feet up to delve into a good book that does not involve dancing hippopotamuses. (Can you guess what I spend a lot of time reading?) Life is Beautiful, and the changing of the seasons, in whatever form it happens, is a constant reminder of that.


Angela said...

Beautifully written!