Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Shorts

Maybe I should say NO more shorts, as winter arrived yesterday. Yes, Sunday was comfortably cool, and yesterday it was January. I know that time flies, but really... When Bella asked "outside" and "golk" (walk) I thought to myself how good that would be for us. After one quick look at the thermometer I decided we would be houseplants until Daddy came home. Daddy did indeed take her for her "golk" - Daddy is a much better person than I.

Perhaps another reason why I was looking for an excuse not to walk yesterday has to do with this 7 1/2 month pregnant body. Although I had gained more poundage during my pregnancy with Isabella, and I have remained rather active, this time around is finding me much more sore, especially the past few days. One cannot understand sciatica until they practically fall down the stairs. I love my doc, whose recommendations were "localized heat and giving birth in 6 weeks." Funny man, he thinks he is. In the meantime, my poor hubby will be subsisting on leftovers and coexisting with a dirty kitchen floor. In the words of Old Blue Eyes,

God's grace constantly amazes me. Monday evenings Patrick and I enjoy going to Mass at our local parish together. It's a small, intimate crowd, and any chance to go to church as a family is such a blessing. There have been several weeks lately in which we have set ourselves up for disaster and have been proven totally wrong. Bella is still hovering between 1 and 2 naps a day, and when she takes a short ONE and doesn't take a second... oh, oh, oh, the attitude. This leaves me to lament on the drive to Mass how bad of an idea this was, and how we're going to disrupt the whole congregation, etc. Every week she has been surprising us and doing great! No, not always quiet. No, never calm and still. But GOOD! When I go in front of God and tell Him "I'm here, and as pitiful of an offering as it is please take the sorry soul of this frazzled woman" I am starting to really understand that He does, and He blesses my efforts no matter how feeble.

Yesterday was also the first day that Bella has ever worn a coat. Last year she was still bundled, baby-style, when it was cold. This year it's on to a real toddler coat. If it wasn't so darn cute it would break my heart. Of course, there are even more things that would break Mama's heart if we weren't starting all over in the such near future! As it is I can still snuggle her and cradle her for those brief seconds before she's off and running, while appreciating the independence that is emerging, as it should.

Can you believe that in 9 short days we will elect a new President of the United States? Seriously people, if you weren't praying before, start now. I prefer not to make political statements on this blog as there are others who can express it much better than I. I will say, however, that while neither candidate lights my fire (in a positive way) I believe in a moral obligation to protect the vulnerable and work to learn from history. Refer back to your core values. First and foremost, PRAY PRAY PRAY.


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